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  Lecture by CSKim at CHEP, 2001 summer     

  Introduction to B & CP           (VIDEO)    RealPlayer v10.5 download

  2001-06-21 ( Down571M)      2001-06-22 ( Down: 719M)


  Lecture by CSKim at Yonsei   

   2006, 3/25  CP Violation Phenomenology    1 2  (Down: 1, 2 :592M)

   학부 입자물리 입문                                            일반물리학 및 실험 1 - 공지사항

(Undergraduate Particle Physics)


 Lecture by CSKim at Harbin Inst. of Tech., 2010 autumn

1. Invisible Higgs at LHC: [slide]  [movie]

2. Probing Majorana Neutrinos (in rare decays of mesons): [slide]  [movie]

3. New Physics in B to K pi decays: [slide]  [movie]


Lecture by CSKim at Kim Dae Jung Convention Center, Sept. 21, 2012, Kwangju, Korea

Story on Interesting Neutrino [slide] [movie]



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