2010-2nd semester

Seminar & Lecture schedule







H. D. Kim

A Light Higgs in BMSSM for EW precision and light dark matter

9/28 Y. J. Kwon

Highlights in B Physics

10/5 G. L. Wang

Radiative E1 decays of X(3872)

10/7 Huifeng Fu

Annihilation Rates of 3S1 states of heavy Quakonia

10/12 K. K. Joo

Reactor Neutrino Experiment & RENO

10/19 E. J. Chun

Leptogenesis & Dirac Gaugino Dark Matter

10/29 S. P. Kim

Can the vacuum energy be dark matter?

11/16 J. P. Lee

Unparticle Physics

11/23 H. B. Kim

Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays

11/30 K. Y. Lee

A like-sign dimuon charge asymmetry  induced by the anomalous top quark couplings