2011-1st semester

Seminar & Lecture schedule







C. S. Kim

Invisible Higgs at LHC

3/17 J. H. Song

H2 in the mUED

3/24 R. H. Li

B->K_2(K+pi)l l in SM and two NP scenarios

4/7 S. K. Kang

Leptogenesis & Neutrino Physics

4/21 S. K. Oh

Philosophical Meanings of Higgs Mechanism

4/22 H. S. Cheon

Dark Matter & Extended Seesaw Model (PhD defense)

4/28 K. Y. Lee

Early LHC Bound on W' Mass in Nonuniversal Gauge Interaction Model

5/4 K. Cheung

Baryonic Z' Solution for the Wjj Anomaly

5/4 K. Cheung

Top Quark Forward-Backward Asymmetry 2011 Update

5/12 J. P. Lee

Black Hole Bombs at LHC



Student Talks