2011-2nd semester

Seminar & Lecture schedule






9/22 H.D. Kim

Natural SUSY at LHC

9/29 K.S. Choi

How Grand Unification is Realized in String Theory?

10/6 R.H. Li

Study of B → D l+ l- in pQCD approach

10/13 K.K. Joo

Current Status of RENO

10/27 J.H. Heo

Magnetic and Electric Dipoles of Dirac Fermionic Dark Matter

10/23-26 CSKim Group

Jeju Talks

11/3 K.Y. Lee

Particle Wars

11/17 S.W. Baek

Basics of B → μ+μ-, B-Bbar mixing, B → K π and their recent experimental implications

11/18 S.K. Kang

Quark-Lepton Complementarity in recent T2K and MINOS experiments

11/25 P. Ko

Muon (g-2)

11/25 P. Ko

EWSB and CDM from Strongly Interacting Hidden Sector

12/1 S. Oh

The CKM matrix and its parametrizations