2013-1st semester

Seminar & Lecture schedule






3/12 C. S. Kim


3/21 S. W. Baek

Topics in Higgs Portal Dark Matter

3/26 Y. G. Kim

Higgs and Dark Matter

4/2 J.O. Gong

CMB Physics and Planck results

4/9 Sumit Garg

Vector like Leptons in 2HDM scenario

4/16 Pankaj Sharma

New Physics in Single-Top Production at the LHC (slide) (note)

4/25-28 CSKim Group

Yonsei Wonju Seminar

4/30 Run-Hui Li

B --> D K *{0,2}: Perturbative QCD analysis in determining \gamma

5/7 Shivani Gupta

Phenomenology of Neutrino mass matrices and Flavor symmetries

5/14 C.H. Yu

2HDM and chiral U(1)' models

5/21 Y.W. Yoon

Factorization for Collider Processes

5/28 K.Y. Lee

Diphoton/Monophoton/Monojet events with large missing transverse energy at the LHC

6/4 R.C. Verma

Preliminary Estimates of p-wave Meson Emitting Decays of Heavy Flavor Baryons