2014-1st semester

Seminar & Lecture schedule






3/13 S.K. Kang

Current Status of Neutrino Physics

3/26 S.W. Baek

Global Symmetry, Radiative Neutrino Mass Generation, and Dark Matter

4/2 S.K. Oh

Responsibility of Scientific Advise for Policy Making

4/9 Freddy-Thuy

CLF and 3-3-1-1

5/2 H.S. Lee

Dark Gauge Interaction

5/7 R.H. Li

B -> D \mu\mu in Perturbative QCD

5/16 C.L. Ahn

Integrability toward Non-perturbative Physics

5/21 U.K. Yang

Search for Symmetry at the LHC

5/28 S.Y. Kim

Known and Unknown for Neutrinos