2014-2nd semester

Seminar & Lecture schedule






9/12 K.W. Choi

QCD Axions with High Scale Inflation

9/26 Y.H. Ahn

Flavored Peccei-Quinn symmetry

10/10 S.K. Kang

Neutrino Physics

10/17 K.H. Cho

Evolving Architecture for BSM

10/31 W.J. Lee

Current Status of epsilon_K calculated on the Lattice

11/7 P. Ko

Towards gauge theories of weak scale CDM

11/14 Y.J. Kwon

Experimental Status of Flavor Physics

11/21 S.C. Park

Higgs Inflation after BICEP2 and Planck results

11/28 K.K. Joo

Reactor neutrino oscillation (canceled)

12/5 Y.W. Yoon

Higgs Hunters at Future Colliders