2015-2nd semester

Seminar & Lecture schedule





9/7   (Start of the lecture, No seminar)
9/14 Y.S. Jeong U(1)_L gauge boson
9/21 X.-B. Yuan Minimal flavor violating Z' boson
9/28   (Chuseok-Thanksgiving Holiday, No seminar)
10/5 Y.J. Kwon

Symmetry - Causal or Accidental? slide1 slide2

10/12 C. S. Kim Interesting Neutrinos (video)
10/19   (Mid-term Exam Week, No seminar)
10/26 S. Lee Introduction To Cosmic Macrowave Background
10/29 H. Tao

Physics at Future Colliders

11/2 C. Ahn Beyond the Perturbation Theory
11/9 Y.-J. Zheng Top Signature and MFV
11/16 S. Park

New Resonances at LHC

11/23 H.D. Kim

N Naturalness : Cosmological solution to natualness

11/30 D. Sahoo

..to be announced

*DUE day for Essay Submission*  

(No seminar)