2016-2nd semester

Seminar & Lecture schedule





9/21 W. T. Kim Relativity Theory, Quantum Mechanics, and Quantum Blackhole
9/22 C. S. Kim Forward-Backward Asymmetry of Top quark In Unparticle Physics
9/28 H. D. Ryu The Road to Discovery at the LHC: Past, Present, and Future
9/29 H. J. Heo Dark Matter Search
10/5 A. Ibarra The quest for the dar matter particle
10/6 Y. G. Ko Relativistic Kinematics for the Binding Energy of Nuclear Reactions
10/13 D. Sahoo Investigating Violations of Some Fundamental Symmetries of Nature via Dalitz Plots and Dalitz Prisms
10/27 C. S. Kim Nobel Prize in Physics 2008
11/2 S. K. Nam 우주 속의 인간 인간속의 우주
11/3 C. S. Kim 재미있는 중성미자
11/9 K. Hamaguchi The first one second of the early universe and physics beyond the Standard Model
11/10 C. S. Kim W/Z production at the LHC and the parton distributions
11/17 H. Lee Transformative A_4 Mixing of Neutrinos with CP Violation
11/17 M. G. Hyun Dark mateer & Dark photon theory