2017-1st semester

Seminar & Lecture schedule





3/7 Start (no seminar)
3/14 C. S. Kim Deciphering Majorana nature of sub-eV neutrinos
3/21 C. S. Kim Discovery of heavy sterile neutrino at LHC
3/28 D. Sahoo B -> DD and Isospin Analysis
4/4 D. Sahoo tau -> pi mu e nu and Sterile Neutrino
4/11 C. S. Kim Evolution of Society, Life and the Universe
4/18 Mid Term Exam Week (no seminar)
4/25 Y. G. Ko Binding energy of nuclear reaction
5/2 D. Sahoo Neutrino Oscillation
5/9 No class due to the election
5/16 H. C. Lee
G. H. Min
Softly broken A_4 symmetry for nearly degrate neutrino masses
Probing Z' gauge boson with the spin
5/23 D.H. Lee
M. J. Kang
Higgs channel in extra dimensions
5/30 I. K. Hong
S. H. Hur
Phase transition and Creation of Particle
BSM from neutrino