C.S. Kim Group Seminar

20 - 23 September 2012, Jindo

September 20th, Thursday

B -> DK(*) decays: Perturbative QCD analysis in pursuit of determining CP violation angle \gamma Run-hui Li
Overview of indirect dark matter detection Jae Ho Heo

September 21st, Friday

Branching ratios of Bc Meson Decays to Vector and Axial-Vector Mesons Rohit Dhir
Higgs-vacuum stability, EWPD and Higgs to diphoton in type II seesaw Pankaj Sharma
Neutrino masses and lepton asymmetry in 3-3-1 model in right-handed neutrinos Thuy Thi Nguyen
Charmless B -> VT in Perturbative QCD Freddy Simanjuntak

September 22nd, Saturday

W/Z Boson Production at the LHC Y. S. Jeong
Minimal Extension of Tri-Bi maximal mixing and generalized Z2 x Z2 symmetry Shivani
Neutrino Mixing Angle \theta13 at RENO K. K. Joo
Lepton Flavor Violation in two Higgs Doublet Model Ardy Mustofa