Research Interests of Choong Sun Kim

My research activities have been broadly focused on phenomenological aspects of theoretical particle physics in (1) collider physics [eg. search for top and Higgs, gauge boson production and neutrino counting, determination of parton distributions, heavy quarkonium production, and jets and minimum-bias physics (minijets), etc.], and in (2) weak flavordynamics [eg. CP-violation, heavy meson physics, particle-antiparticle mixing, CKM-matrix and quark and neutrino masses, etc.]. I have also extensively investigated (3) the phenomenology of the Beyond the Standard Model [eg. charged Higgs, lightest SUSY particle, superstring phenomenology, new Higgsless flavor gauge theory, Extra Dimensions, etc.]. In the course of this research, I have also familiarized myself with (4) the experimental side of particle physics [detectors, accelerators, etc.] as well as (5) Monte Carlo computer simulations, and computation of Feynman diagrams [including spinor technic, n-dimensional and numerical methods], and so on.

At present I have been involved in the ongoing work of (1) CP-violations in K, B-meson systems and in Universe. My immediate research plans are; (2) B-meson rare decays such as B -> K*(-> K+pi)+l+l, and (3) Majorana and Dirac type sterile neutrino production at LHC and from the rare meson decays,, and (4) the possible extra dimensional signal at e+p colliders.

My long-term research interests are; (1) quantative tests of QCD at the intermediate [few GeV] domain where both perturbative and non-perturbative aspects of the theory are manifest, (2) detailed and model-independent study of weak decays such as hadronic weak currents, mixing and CP-violation, rare decays, etc., (3) search for the new particles by selecting the few events of interests through imposing judicious cuts, (4) exploring regions between high energy particle physics and cosmology, and (5) investigation on microscopic properties of Gravity through extra dimensional signals and/or violations of Lorentz (and CTP) invariances.

Address : Professor C.S.Kim, Department of Physics, Yonsei University, Seoul 120-749, Korea

E-mail : ; TEL : +82-(0)10-2803-9683 (cellular phone) ; FAX : +82-(0)2-392-1592 (Yonsei)